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As we grow up we all have dreams of having a family- a loving spouse & a naughty kid. Families share dreams, work towards their goals and support each other through good and bad. Our house rather home is very synonymous to family. The space to laugh, cry ,dream has to be special and thats what makes home have all our heart. It is exactly these thoughts that make people buy homes and because they cant be paid by savings we have to resort to home loans. Today we’ll speak about benefits of home loan

Video Contents:
00:00 – Introduction
01:05 – Tax Benefit on Principal Repayment
02:01 – Tax Benefits on Interest Repayment
02:41 – Tax benefit on Stamp Duty and Registration Charges
03:17 – Capital Appreciation
04:28 – Low Interest rates

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Who am I

Hello Boys & Girls! Welcome to Gayatri’s Advisory. I am an Engineer turned banker turned insurance professional. While working for an insurance company I realised that the knowledge of financial products & personal finance in our country in abysmal hence there is a huge reliance on third party distributors like agents,brokers who may not have the best interests of the customers at heart. Through this channel I want to bridge this knowledge gap step by step. Every video I intend to take a topic complicating the financial product and will break it down through examples and analogies. The final goal of the channel is to make viewers completely self reliant with respect to financial knowledge.

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