6 Costly Money Mistakes To Avoid in 2022

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0:00 – Mistake #1
1:30 – Mistake #2
3:22 – Mistake #3
4:30 – Wealthfront
6:10 – Mistake #4
8:16 – Mistake #5
10:43 – Mistake #6

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  1. I'm 20 years old, I'm about to turn 21 years old this year and I don't own a car, neither go to college, or have any debt and as of right now I work and on 2 jobs and I walk to both jobs and started investing on April 2020, I left many people in my life like friends that otherwise I wouldn't be here, because all they wanted is to hang out and just be in the same situation, now I realize how grateful I am for making this decision even though I'm alone but also creating my financial future and I'm always learning something new in the finance space. 🙂 Lastly I feel grateful to find your Youtube channel Nate O'Brien. 🙂

  2. <Market makers like to do the complete opposite of what retail thinks is gonna happen, sure a fakeout looks possible, but what if that’s exactly what they want us to think. Imagine the big boys run with the money because we are simply too ‘scared’ to buy in because we expect a fakeout. All thanks to Alice Marcella as I have made over 14btc from January till date. Her trading skills is exceptional.

  3. Nice content! The best way to find that balance between saving and living is by investing, this way you get to have your savings intact and then live comfortably of the revenue coming in from your investments.

  4. Paying myself first was the best advice. Then live on the what's left over. Unless, you make minimum wage, this method works. Always save for retirement and emergencies.

  5. Great money advice. Save and spend wisely, lessons my parents drilled into me from a very young age.

    I would argue that getting good grades and being intelligent are two very different things. I find that the smartest people in the room are usually the ones that think they are not as they are always more open to listening, learning, and improving.

  6. Unpopular opinion here.
    But some women can be toxic with their spending habits.
    And im not talking clothes, or hand bags or shiny glittery jewellery.
    Im talking supermarkets.
    Many women would buy shopping in bulk.
    Then continously keep going to a supermarket and spend and spend and spend.
    Women will go in to a supermarkt with the intention of buying ingredients for lasagna for dinner.
    And end up with literally everytjing else as well.
    Its a common scenario.
    But thats a problem with women.
    They run a home, they cook great meals, look after the house.
    Women arent programmed to be financially intelligent like men.
    Personally i was in the military and i lived on a tiny college budget.
    I can survive on next to nothing. Ramen, eggs, tinned food.

  7. Another good one is to buy what you can afford. Example would be a vehicle. I seen so many people pay $80k on a Charger Hellcat only to get repoed the next month. I got lucky with my vehicle and only paid $600 for it. Drive it until it dies and repeat the process. Save the rest of the money I would be using on a car payment towards retirement, investing, savings and down payment for something large

  8. Your video is very impressive Nate, learned a lot from you. Just want to know: what kind of equipment you are using to record video? And how to reduce the noise?

  9. You make a lot of good sense for a young guy, and I really like your videos. Most
    guys on Youtube tell you how to make $ 3 million dollars, in just a year ? These
    guys don't look to bright to begin with, and I shut them off as soon as they pop up,
    and others should do the same. You can take the elevator to the Top, or take the
    staircase, and it's a lot wiser to take the staircase, if you don't want to go broke.

    I will say this, buying a house with "no money down" is a great idea. This is providing
    the house price is relatively what it's worth, but it's OK to overpay by $ 10,000 or so.
    I say this because if the house market rises just 10 % on a $ 200,000 house, you've
    just made $ 20,000 dollars, so even if you overpaid for it, it really doesn't matter
    because your buying an "appreciating asset" that is rising everyday in value. Over
    10 years, you could be up $ 150 to 200,000 dollars. I've bought many with no money
    down, either by borrowing the down from the bank or seller. ( vendor)

    I do agree with you on buying "depreciating assets" with no money down –like boats,
    furniture, cars etc. That is a great way to go broke. It's a no win situation. When you
    do this with houses etc, it will work in your favour over time, especially if you do not
    have the income to save up the down payment, but have the income to support the
    monthly payment. You'll be happy you did, if you buy in a good area, where prices are

  10. Avoid debt. Cut costs. spend less, earn more and invest passively The best way to find that balance between saving and living is by investing..what i can say to early investors is diversification and solid management. thanks to having an adviser, ever so grateful to Rita Wildrin Mora. .

  11. Thank you for pointing out that people have this insane habit of putting their thoughts about themselves onto other people, or drawing conclusions for entirety of hominids based on their thoughts, feelings and beliefs. That is one of the most annoying things about people, and immature people especially do that all the time. I also think that self shame is one of the biggest drivers of this.

  12. love the content…..i see sales a completely different way….if its 30% off that means im paying 70% so in my mind its like is it still a deal if im paying 70%? its usually not & i*ll come back when im paying 40% or less lol

  13. Super awesome motivational video!! stay away from traps and debt!! Being frugal while paying off debt will lead into better wealth building stratgies into your financial future!!

  14. mistake 5# is only a mistake if the money that will be used for the expense does not earn a higher return over the same period as the interest expense. I would say that mistake 5# is a problem when one is not properly dealing with mistake 3#.

  15. Regarding the first part, it felt like a hard pill to swallow, good thing you had a glass of water 😉 It may be ideal to be with someone with whom we share similar lifestyles, political views, money management approach etc. However I think it would be a shame to rule out everyone else just because they're on a different page

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