91% Collapse, Buyers Abandon Mortgages En Masse | Chinese Economy & Financial Crisis | Shanghai

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China Update is about China economic and political news and analysis, today we discuss Lanzhou, the Chinese economy, the housing market and fears of financial crisis, Evergrande plus other China news #chinaupdate

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02:10 Chinese Economy
05:43 China Housing Market

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China Update provides you guys with the most up to date political, economic, and geostrategic analysis on China – so that you are on top of the world’s number 2 economy. I was originally a lawyer who later studied Chinese foreign policy in Beijing. My videos are based on hundreds of articles, think tank reports, government statements and other resources in English and Chinese. The views and analysis are all my own and I make the videos.

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  1. Chinas greed gone to far, plus government done Nothing to protect its people. Just let developers rip people off while government lock down the economy.

  2. When it comes to investing, I’m unknowledgeable about it, I hereby ask; What’s your say or thought for anyone with over 150K $ looking for the best ways to make good returns off it? I will appreciate good ideas here.

  3. Buy a house before it's built? Sure, and I've got the swamp land in Florida I'll sell you to build it on! Anyone who thinks Communism and/or Socialism is the answer just need to look at the completely useless, slapped together Ghost Cities in China. What an epic, in-your-face SHAM. While bailing out our Bankers here in the States after 08' crash was shady as f*ck, the level of money stolen through these corrupt backroom construction deals in China must've been exotic. Better not try to hold the responsible elite Players accountable though…lest your "Social Score" takes a hit. LOL!

  4. Covid BA 4/5 virus is being used to great effect by the USA on debilitating the Chinese population. No expensive planes, tanks, munitions, in this covert action to destabilise China. Just a virus which can be easily dropped into drinking water, bird feeding stations, lakes, anywhere there is airbourne movement, migratory birds, pig feeding areas. That will reduce the population alright.

  5. Unemployment keeps surging and bills wait for no one that’s why we have to figure new ways to make an income, I came here to learn how to trade after listening to a guy on radio talk about the importance of investing and how he made $210,000 in 4 months from $30k. Somehow this video has helped shed light on some things, but I'm confused, I'm a newbie and I'm open to ideas

  6. Last year, Western media outlets were spewing reports suggesting that the China's zero-covid policy was endangering the global supply chains. There was an immediate slap on one's face, as China 2021 GDP surged to 8.1% and its export jumped 30% to USD3.3 trillion, both the highest in the past decade.

    With the lockdown of major Chinese cities like Xi’an and currently Shanghai, western media outlets are again churning out reports claiming the disruption of global supply chain and its ensuing impact on global inflation and economy. In terms of social and economic costs, China should be the one most impacted as it has adopted a far more restrictive covid-zero policy than all its western counterparts. I would have thought China should be the one afflicted with labor shortages, skyrocketing inflationary pressure, the Great Resignation, the Great Sick-out, Supply Chain Disruptions, and so on. How come we have only seen such phenomena in the USA.

    If we fast-forward to the end of this year, will China doubters again be silenced when China’s official GDP and export figures are out. Let's check out then.

  7. Empty cities, railways to nowhere, corruption peaking, leadership a vacuum, SNAFU CCP China.
    1 billion in poverty.
    Mortages forfeited.
    CCP china tanks
    Formosa a beautiful sovereign nation.

  8. As a Chinese, my favorite thing to watch the videos and comments about China's economic collapse. Because, this is really funny. It has been crashing for so many years, but the truth is just the opposite. very funny.

  9. There should be absolutely no business from western democracies as well as no help from the west to either the china dictatorship or its people who consent and support its dictatorship, from Ping-Ping all the way down the chain of command.

  10. Exports are going to plummet soon. The systemic factory backlogs, logistics problems, and geopolitics mean manufacturers are going to make contracts with nearshore suppliers and major US companies are already eliminating China from their supply chains.

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