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Business Assurance & Advisory Services (BAAS) is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations. It provides insight into an organization’s culture, policies, procedures, and assists management oversight by verifying internal controls such as operating effectiveness, risk mitigation controls, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. It plays a critical role in strengthening a company’s operations, corporate governance, and accounting processes. BAAS is a management tool to attain operational efficiency by identifying problems and correcting lapses well in time.

Assurance and Advisory Services should be outsourced as an internal team would lack the desired level of expertise or experience in handling such critical functions. By outsourcing, the company can lower compliance cost, focus more on business growth rather than on statutory compliances and Financial reporting aspects which can be handled by a Professional Team.

Service Areas Within Business Advisory & Assurance:
» Risk Advisory
» Due Diligence
» Valuation Support Services
» Corporate Restructuring
» Accounting Advisory

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