Beijing Protest Shocks, Goes Viral | Chinese Economy & Semiconductors | The Policy | Shanghai

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China Update is about China economic and political news and analysis, today we discuss the Chinese economy, US-China Semiconductor Restrictions, Beijing Protest, Shanghai and other China news #chinaupdate

00:00 Introduction
00:11 Beijing Protest
02:01 The Policy | Shanghai
06:02 US-China: Tech | Semiconductors

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  1. a better way would be to get a loud speaker attached to a pre recorded chant through an opening that cannot be reached easily, because that man will never see the light of day again unfortunately.

  2. I would take those vaccination statistics with a huge grain of salt. Probably more like 80% of the overall population and 65% of the over 65. Also, as you pointed out, the effectiveness of the Chinese vaccines, especially against the Delta and Omicron variants, is very low.

  3. China play the leftist book well. I mean the left came from places like china .. so no wounder. World domination has always been the cccps goal so the ccp has a similar goal.

  4. All Xi Jinping has been doing so far is only party politics and infighting. He doesn't know economics. Worse yet, he doesn't care economics. He doesn't mind China falling back to poverty. As a matter of fact, he thinks communist society should be poor, and it is a good thing.

  5. Let's change the commodity from tech to food. Is it appropriate to export food to China if the government is using it to control their people while also breaking laws and blackmailing other countries internationally? They've backdoor'd their tech- that's like taking the food and spiking it with poison that benefits them.

  6. This is actually going to happen? When you cut off high tech sales to the largest customer for our firms then what? I can’t imagine the full impact on the USA and China. These decisions are a double edged sword.

  7. Please stop putting the lists of those who are providing gifts. It really distracts from the information you are parsing out. Maybe put it at the end or at the bottom of the screen.

  8. I listen to the Zoe App/ Tim Spector . Last week , one in twenty people tested positive for Covid19 in England( sampling of a large group of people, mostly healthcare workers). I don’t see how China is going to shut down Covid19. There is less hospitablization than early strains of Covid19 , but hospitalization is seeing a small uptick. How difficult for the Chinese! Thank you for excellent report.

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