Best Stock Market Advisory Company In India 2021 ? What is Reality? (Must Watch Video)

Stock advisory company in India are supposed to help an investor to invest in the right opportunities which can create wealth in the long term. But what is reality ?

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The below pointers will help you to find the best stock advisory company in India:
The first thing to check before subscribing to the advisory services of any stock market company in to check for its SEBI registration because only SEBI registered companies is permitted to give stock related advice in India to investors.

Prior to 2013, SEBI registration was not a mandatory requirement for stock market advisory firms in India, and there were thousands of companies involved in the business of giving stock investment tips and recommendations. While some of those companies were fraudulent companies, some were fly by night operators who would shut shop after lapping up subscription fees from a large number of investors.

To put an end to these malpractices and protect the interests of investors, SEBI introduced Investment adviser and Research Analyst ACT in 2013, making SEBI registration mandatory for stock market advisory firms. The new norms introduced by SBI included mandatory KYC documentation and risk assessment of each client.

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  1. Mam please help me I have the shares certificate of Lloyds finance company which was taken in 1996. I completed every payment and formalities. But later the company was into loss. Years later I remembered about it now. And I want to know if there is any possibility to get my money of shares back. Please help me. I'll be very thankful if somebody could help me with this. Please..

  2. Mam why volume candle green and red. They say red means more selling. But if more selling then someone is buying also, so why red. And same for the green. Green means more buying ( as people say) but if someone is buying then definitely someone is selling. Please I am very confused

  3. Mam lekin mujhe abhi sirf 2 week hue hai call lete huee hai loss sirf 1din hi loss huaa hai
    Me jis company se connect hu uska name clue financial services hai
    Aap Bata do ye thik hai ya nai or ye sebi rajister hai
    Please reply

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