'Bloomberg Surveillance: Early Edition' Full (02/23/22)

Bloomberg Surveillance: Early Edition, live from London and New York. Francine Lacqua, Anna Edwards, Matt Miller, and Kailey Leinz deliver the latest news and analysis on the markets with leaders in global finance and economics. Tony Brenton, Former British Ambassador to Russia and Fellow of Wolfson College Cambridge, says Russia cares about security. Jakob Stausholm, CEO of Rio Tinto, says the company has seen good demand from China. Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, says he sees some improvement in supplies this year.


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  3. It’s checkmate for this administration… played right into their hands… those who thinks this country still have leverage think again…. Old man and cronies are living in an illusion

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  5. Who cares what is happening in Ukraine? let them mind their own business. Indeed, quite recently (2020-21), when Turkey and Azerbaijan attacked Karabakh and killed Christians of the Caucasus – Karabakh Armenians for 44 days, the entire Western world was silent and did not notice this! And the Ukrainians, in general, rejoiced at the deaths and grief of the Armenians! on all Ukrainian TV channels, they praised the military successes of the Turks and Azerbaijanis and justified their aggression!

  6. Sanctions lol what a joke.
    BRICS will run on X,R,P, the new Bridge currency. Level Playing field. Germany will only choke itself, gas will go up for them. Corrupt leaders trying to defend it money laundering scheme in Ukraine. Lol

  7. Very peculiar how this war in Ukraine is being pushed right before the FED taper/rate hikes on the 14th of March. Gives an excuse as to why the market gets shocked..or a reason to cancel deflation and egg on extreme inflation.

  8. Russia may get a big surprise when 2-4 of the superpowers give them a beating that will set them back many decades! And for what ? Trying to push Ukraine around? Makes no sense…unless there planning on firing nukes. . And then who wins ? Someone is blood thirsty. I hope Jesus returns before this senseless killing starts. And I hope that there is severe punishment for the humans that stared it. The way Jesus was crucified would be sufficient…

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  10. TIME to: "SAVE the STOCK MARKET!" (WINSTON CHURCHILL) quote; “SOME MUST DIE SO OTHERS MAY LIVE.” 1st: CRASH "Wind Turbine Companies." {scam FAILED in EVERY Country.} LG SOLAR – "Closed" HUGE Plant today. CRASH: "All" SOLAR Related Industries. 3rd: CRASH; " EVs + Santa Claus.." Very ADORABLE to "Believe in," BUT a "TERRRIBLE BET." EVs are "Rolling Electric Chairs."

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