Corporate Finance Advisory (A Day in the Life)

Ashley Rogers is an Executive in M&A Advisory at Deloitte. He graduated from Cardiff University having studied accounting and finance, and achieved 1st class honours. In this video we dig into his career, previous experience, reasons for moving away from tax and into M&A at Deloitte, what a typical day in the life looks like, challenges along the way, and more.

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  1. Thanks Afzal, would love to see more videos from professionals in various different finance roles (there is too much hard-on for classic FO/ ibanking M&A etc)

  2. Great that you've provided a Big 4 perspective Afzal, really interesting to listen to 👏.
    I work in the M&A team at a Big 4 as well and thought Ashley made such a key point about the internal mobility options available.

  3. Hi Afzal, did you work with anyone who went to Essex university at Goldman Sachs, or a university of that calibre? I was considering doing accounting at Essex.

  4. Hello Afzal, Im a student aspiring working in M&A, Im in 3rd year of a business School bachelor and I wanted to know if you know any website where I can pick up some excel financial modeling (DCF, Comps…) exercise for free to prepare for the interviews ? Thanks in advance

  5. Ashley was great, seems very genuine and open. I am grateful for your videos. Not sure if the states have so much activity with corporate banking as well during covid?

  6. Generally quality of people in bi 4 is not as good as BB investment banking. I have met many 2.2 from lower ranked universities there.

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