Financial Advisory

00:00 Introductions from audience
04:17 Introduction from Jessie Williams
05:28 Introduction from Kristen Irby
07:08 Introduction from Rob DePalo
08:41 Licenses & Registration – Kristen
08:48 Licensing & Registration – Rob
09:09 About National Financial Network (NFN) & Guardian
10:05 What is a mutual company vs. stock company?
12:29 Areas of Expertise: Wealth Management, Income Protection, Retirement Planning, College Funding, Estate Planning, Business Planning
13:26 Helping Clients Build Confidence & Protect Assets
14:27 What’s a Balance Sheet? Assets, Liability, Protection Domain, Cash Flow Domain
19:52 Asset Allocation: An Overview
21:09 Example: Personal Planning
23:52 Term vs. Perm (Whole Life)
28:53 Term Life Insurance
30:56 Permanent Life Insurance (Whole Life)
31:55 Benefits of including whole life in your investment portfolio
34:31 More about life insurance
34:45 How does personal planning relate to your business?
35:40 Business Continuity Planning
39:31 Business Continuity Planning Continued
39:51 Components of a Comprehensive Exit Plan
46:23 Business Owner’s View
47:17 Exit Planner Ideal Situations
49:33 Benefits of Working with a Financial Advisor

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