Financial Advisory for Small Business

Dracakis Advisory is not your typical accounting service. Our forward-focused and strategic approach to accounting is designed to provide clients with the support they need to achieve their business’s financial goals.

We do this by designing and implementing a Business Accounting Function that delivers:

1. ACCURATE Financial Information
2. ANALYTICAL tools to identify trends and risks
3. STRATEGIC decision-making framework to make informed decisions

The purpose, to help bridge the Financial Literacy gap in the Small Business world and help owners understand their business on a deeper level through the numbers.

This approach is based off our experience working in large international organisations and professional consulting firms. It is the best-practice approach adopted across the board in the corproate world and we want to share it with small business owners to help them get ahead.

Unleash the power of accounting and understand how knowing your numbers can be the game-changer for your business.