Financial Aid Advisory Committee (FAAC) Meeting

Name of Committee: Financial Aid Advisory Committee
Date of Meeting: Mar. 3, 2022
Time of Meeting: 9:00a.m.
Location: Virtual Meeting

1. Welcome, Introductions, and Overview of Meeting – Denise Welch, Chair
2. Consideration of Approval of Minutes from the meeting held on Dec. 9– Denise Welch, Chair
3. Update: Prior FAAC Business– DeChà Reid, Senior Director
4. External Presentation: Certified Financial Aid Administrator Program-Shannon Crossland, Commission Chair, Frank Phillips College
5. External Presentation: Reskilling and Upskilling Program-Dr. Sheri Ranis, Director, Workforce Education
6. Update: External Relations – John Wyatt, Sr. Director, External Relations
7. Update: THECB Financial Aid Strategic Priority-Charles Conterò-Puls, Assistant Commissioner
8. Update: TASFA Subcommittee – Bridgette Ingram, Subcommittee Chair and Claudette Jenks, Director, College Readiness and Success
9. Update: Data Collection Subcommittee – Dede Gonzales, Subcommittee Chair (Check on the time frame to represent)
10. Update: Legislative Subcommittee – Arnold Trejo, Subcommittee Chair
11. Update: Texas Association for State Financial Aid Administrator’s (TASFAA) – Robert Merino, TASFAA President
12. Update: High School District – Ben Bholan, Arlington ISD; Shonna Norton, Wichita Falls ISD
13. Update: Office of Student Financial Aid Programs – DeChà Reid, Senior Director
14. Discussion Topic: Feedback on how schools are administering Reskilling and Upskilling-Denise Welch, Chair
15. Discussion Topic: Feedback on the decrease in loan borrowing- DeChà Reid, Senior Director
16. Discussion Topic: Feedback on creating a succession plan-Rachelè Garrett, Vice Chair
17. Discussion Topic: Feedback for Future Meetings – Denise Welch, Chair
18. Adjournment – Denise Welch, Chair