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Financial Consulting Belgrade, Serbia phone: 063 8280052
Nevena Doljančević, Financial Adviser near Belgrade #FinancialAdviserBelgrade #FinancialConsultingAnalyst Financial Advisory Belgrade
Financial consulting analyst Belgrade.
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Auditing, Accounting, Tax and Financial Consulting in Belgrade (Beograd / Srbija)

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#FinancialAdvisoryBelgrade SERBIA

• Full Accounting support according to the IAS and accounting regulations of Serbia
• Accounting in English language • accounting,
• reporting on chart of accounts from the clients country
• accounting and reporting according to the internal regulation of a client
• IAS and IFRS
• Within the Serbian Accounting law and principles
• Finance and Accounting calculations and analyses (salaries, tax calculations, vat deductions, calculations for production companies, fixed assets, etc) • Connection of Serbian and foreign chart of accounts
• Profit and loss account, balance sheet and cash flow statements as per reporting period
• Tax consultation and services
• Choosing and setting the accounting software tailored to the client’s needs • Maintain data organizational and administrative requirements within the reporting line
• Leading the client’s finance & accounting team through the demanding periods of reporting or start up Outsourcing
Setting up the admin and reporting data organization within the start up phase
• We support you with any separate or single service within finance & accounting & tax you find essential
Check and control the application of the Serbian Finance & Accounting & Tax Law requirements on your activities
Expert witnesses services in the Finance and accounting field near me, Belgrade
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