How can you fundraise without a prototype?

Some companies have a terrific idea without the capital to create a prototype for it, but is that necessarily a bad thing?

Lacking a prototype is not a deal breaker, but it looks more attractive in your pitch.

Check out this short clip to learn how I suggest pitching without a prototype.

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About Ask an Angel
In this series, Ask an Angel, Jonathan Hung interviews founders and investors to give you tips on how to take your startup to the next level.



About Jonathan:

Jonathan Hung is a transformative Los Angeles angel investor and venture capital partner who believes in a bright future for businesses seeking to broaden their horizons in North America and Asia.

One of the most active angel investors in Southern California, his mission is to drive value creation within each portfolio company. In support of this mission, he serves as Co-Managing Partner at – Unicorn Venture Partners – providing a hands-on approach to supporting companies by offering strategic expertise in operations management, finance, business development, multinational business strategy, entrepreneurship, networking, data analysis, and leadership.

In addition to providing venture capital funding and advisory support, he also provides business mentorship based on his experience running U.S. and China offices as the President of United Overseas Textile Corporation.

Jonathan was also a Managing Member for his family office fund, J Heart Ventures, which made investments in start-up companies such as:
* Gyft
* ChowNow
* Miso Robotics
* Clover Health
* Bitmain

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