How Much MONEY I Make in 2020 as a Financial Advisor

Today we go over the amount of revenue that I generate running my own financial advisory company and how much I pay myself each month from my various revenue streams.


Haven Wealth Management:
Josh Olfert is a professional CFP financial advisor and the Founder of Haven Wealth Management investment fund based out of Winnipeg Canada. Through this channel Josh shares his knowledge of wealth accumulation and personal investing to the world, in an effort to improve financial literacy and help everyone achieve their financial goals.

All numbers and figures discussed in this video are purely for illustrative purposes and are not to be taken as financial advice.


  1. Good video but I thought I went deaf in my left ear at first. lol. Okay… So, you make $10K a month and you say IN SOME WAYS you are extremely grateful!? IN SOME WAYS?? You make more than most people will ever make!!! You should be EXTREMELY GRATEFUL! Just remember… it can all go away. No-one is immune from difficulty. Proceed with humility and you'll do well.

  2. So 10 million in assets only bring 8k a month? Well that’s not to bad just thought it would be at least 11

  3. Calls himself a "registered certified financial planner" when CFP is not a registration, an individual is not registered, an entity is, and the only proper use of CFP is to say you are a certified financial planning professional, not that you are a cfp, since a cfp is a designation not a license. It was literally on the test

  4. Great video, Josh! As someone who is sitting for his CFP in July, I can attest to the amount of years put into studying to earn the various licenses!

  5. Was wondering for a college student who is majoring finance what is best thing for me to do rn like looking for a job that will look good on my resume.
    what skills should I know and finally what job do you think I would probably get after I graduate?

    P:S I'm doing my bachelors and I'm in my second year.

  6. Great Vid – however I think it’s also very important that you inform the viewers that the monthly income figures you’ve provided are PRE TAX and expense dollars. FA’s are responsible for garnishing their own wages for 1) Fed taxes 2) Provincial taxes 3) CPP (both employee & employer portions) 4) EI deductions and 5) benefits are usually out of pocket expenses as well – please correct me if I’m wrong

  7. You listed your monthly income streams (about $100K pa if you ignore the rental investment income, which isn't really related to your FP work), but didn't say what your expenses are.

  8. Thank you for this super in depth video! can you tell me the real differences between financial manager and financial advisor? thanks!

  9. what are the best degrees of financial planning in Australia (online and offline)???

  10. Hey josh awesome video. I just wanted to get your thoughts as a personal banking associate for a bank as a stepping stone into a financial advisor? I currently have a background in sales and only finished highschool. Would this be a good route? Thanks

  11. Very constructive video – thank you. So you have a few "partners" who pay you "commission", for want of a better word.
    How do you feel about "encouraging" a prospective client to change their current investment-platform/pension-provider just to ensure you get the commission from one of your "partners"?
    How do you cope mentally when you walk away from a prospective client without getting a commission?

  12. Great video Josh, I was contemplating relocating to Canada in 2 years, I've already got my CFP and I'm in the process of doing my MBA, are there any specific area's/territories in Canada i should be looking at in terms of career potential?

  13. Hey Josh, thanks for all the amazing content. Would love a "Day in the life of a Financial Advisor" video. Cheers!

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