How To Get High Net Worth Investors To Find Your Financial Advisory Firm Online | Cryptocurrency

At this very moment, can you guess which content topic has the most potential to help you get found organically? In today’s video, Samantha Russell, Chief Evangelist for Twenty Over Ten and FMG Suite shares a quick tip on how you can get more high net worth investors to find your financial advisory firm online.

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Get High Net Worth Investors To Find Your Firm Online

One of the top questions I’m asked from financial advisors is how do I get more high net worth or wealthy investors to find me online today? I’m going to share with you a quick thing you can do to make that happen. I’m Samantha Russell, the chief evangelist at Twenty Over Ten and FMG suite. And let’s jump right into this tip.

So when we’re thinking about how people find us organically online, oftentimes we want them to go into Google or whatever search query they’re using and type in some keyword or information or question that they have, and then whatever results give them the best information is often the person they’re going to start paying attention to and follow. So we’re no longer sold. We have a question or we’re looking for information. And depending on who gives us the best information is who we potentially want to work with. So when we’re thinking about creating content, though, there’s millions and millions of pieces, billions around all different kinds of content topics already, it can be really competitive. So the sweet spot we want to look for is when there is high interest from a high volume of searchers combined with a low number of existing pieces of content already.

So let’s take a look at this graph right here from the company contently, which examine justice all around different topics related to personal finance and what they found. You can see here in the graph is that there are 1.51 billion pieces of existing content around personal finance personal finance guide, but there is only 157,000,000 around cryptocurrency or crypto guide. That is a huge disparity. Now, this also leads us to the second point. Well, how much interest is there from people and actually learning about cryptocurrency? Well, only 17% of us adults own crypto. But 2021 New York Digital Asset Investment Group study found that 75% of respondents are interested in learning more.

So here we go. We have high interest combined with a low number of existing pieces of content already. If you are a financial advisor out there, whether you love crypto or hate it, the opportunity is ripe to be creating content around cryptocurrencies cryptocurrency guides to be found by more people who are interested in this topic, and especially because so many advisors don’t offer any services around this topic or around this field. Right now, you know, there’s a lot of high net worth investors whose current advisor cannot help them with it, and they’re going online to get more information. If you found this tip helpful, give this video a thumbs up or leave a comment below and make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel where every single week we drop a quick marketing tip just like this for you. See you next week.

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