How To Grow Your Financial Advisory Practice Through Systems & Processes

HOW TO GROW YOUR FINANCIAL ADVISORY PRACTICE THROUGH SYSTEMS AND PROCESSES // A Financial Advisor tends to rely on referrals to grow their practice, but to truly find their ideal client, financial planners must control the firm’s operations and processes alongside digital marketing.

In this video, Paul spoke to Operations and Processes queen Sarah Challenor from Advisor Outsourcing to discuss all things systems and processes. As Sarah explains, in order to grow your firm, understanding the data (and the value in it!) is one of the most crucial steps. She also discusses the desire of every financial advisor to deliver a high quality service to their clients, with a lack of control and maintenance over the data being a major barrier.

Sarah advocates for a systematic working style to fit in the operations and processes while also doing the work that brings in income. Adviser Outsourcing collaborates with financial advisors in order to track trends in the industry and bring the most efficient solutions available in the market.
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