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Festival season is approaching and a lot of us will end up buying Gold. Today let’s look at 5 factors that affect gold prices

1. International markets
Most of our gold is imported. Hence our local Indian price is decided by spot prices in the London bullion market

2. Demand and Supply
Gold is also a commodity and like others follows the rules of demand and supply
If supply is less and demand is more prices go up
Most of the gold in India is part of Government reserves. If RBI decided to buy gold and the demand remains the same the prices of gold will go up

3. Inflation
If inflation in a country is high people end up investing in gold because it is considered to be a secured investment

4. Rupee Volatility
When the value of rupee reduces we have to pay more for the same amount of gold while importing
Hence when rupee goes down gold prices go up

5. Government taxes
When we import gold lot of custom duty and taxes are levied on it
If the slabs of any of these change gold prices will change

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