1. What planet is she living where someone gives you money for just an idea. Every investor I've talked to says you need to have traction before you can even get seed money and even when you get traction I still get mostly "no"s.

  2. remind me to never ever invest in any ycombinator startup if the founders don't know basic highschool stuff and this low iq woman is somehow scamming them out of consulting fees

  3. Braaavooo the best managing startup finances class every entrepreneur should watch every week ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  4. There were hella gems sparkled throughout this seminar, a-lot of big box ( Telecom ) companies could benefit from these concepts. Thank you Kirsty

  5. Pitfall 1 : Not knowing what to look at – 1:30

    Pitfall 2 : Not looking often enough

    Pitfall 3 : Under-Representing Expenses – 8:27

    Pitfall 4 : Out-sourcing responsibility – 12:00

    Pitfall 5 : Scaling too quickly – 14:34

    Pitfall 6 : Letting runway get too low before fundraising

  6. even if a book-keeper ( or a gate keeper ) exists today, they are not recommended for start ups as someone has to design a good recording and reporting system that meets regulatory compliance.

  7. you sound like an OLD minded (like 50 years ago) to talk about book keepers May be you are one one them with your UK accent. There are no such book-keepers these says – they are long gone !

  8. I started a vending machine business last year as a side job while I am employed to a corporate world. Now I rely more on my earnings in my vending machine business. Such a good idea to start one.

  9. I rated this video on YC Startupschool as transformational. Don't know why this lecture is not on my curriculum since they've updated the platform, but i came here and watch it again and take notes. As i'm about to get a pre seed funding . Gold content lecture. Thanks Kirsty. Thanks YC. Thanks to Internet. Courage in your journey dear friends founders.

  10. The startup growth calculator is a great visualization tool, but imo it's too simplified because it assumes costs is fixed. Unless the business does not have variable costs, business costs increases as businesses ramp up. So the calculator may cause you to be over estimate the runway you have.

  11. Startup finances – usually most startups are self funded originally pre revenue generation. Not useful for actual startup finance generation

  12. Hi Kirsty, great video! We've just published a video with a financial model that founders can build in 20min: https://youtu.be/vOwVfQmwmRA
    It's basically one step deeper than the Startup Growth Calculator, it takes into consideration that revenue growth and expenses are not constant over time. Would love your feedback.

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