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Money Managers Advisory Helps Baby Boomers Prepare For Retirement

Every day, 10,000 Baby Boomers arrive at retirement age. “Entering the last third of their lives healthier and stronger than any previous generation, most anticipate leading a robust lifestyle,” says Nancy Coutu CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®. “But they are also bracing for inevitable changes.”

Developing strategies that address those changes is the top priority for Coutu who cofounded Money Managers Advisory with John Gajkowski, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, RICP®. Both principals began their careers at one of the nation’s largest wirehouses. “After seven years working for one of the ‘big box’ brokerages, I had grown increasingly uncomfortable pushing proprietary products,” says Coutu. “In 1987, John and I agreed it was time to start our own independent firm that focuses on helping people transition into retirement.”

After 30 years dedicated to serving those entering retirement and post retirement, Coutu and Gajkowski say the fear of outliving their money is the number one concern for retirees. Yet most advisors are not economically motivated to help them create a draw-down plan because advisors no longer earn fees after assets are disbursed.

“It’s very common for those nearing retirement to bury their heads in the sand, overwhelmed with what ifs,” says Coutu. “While it’s true no one can predict the market, you don’t need a crystal ball to know the market will experience downturns. You and other family members will age. Children and grandchildren will need money for education. End of life expenses and outstanding obligations must be met, and meaningful legacies should be planned. Ignoring these questions does not reduce the risk you’ll outlive your money, it escalates it.”

Money Managers Advisory fills that niche. Coutu and Gajkowski take a hard look at all aspects of an individual’s finances. As an RIA and with many advanced credentials such as CFP®, they craft tax efficient withdrawal strategies, estate plans, insurance solutions, and investment advice. They are among a handful of advisors who regularly include guidance on pension and Social Security. When needed, they suggest options such as working longer or making lifestyle changes.

Each plan includes five-year buckets that typically extend until the client would be well into his or her 90’s. Five-year buckets allow for the short term, intermediate and long term income needs. The goal is to produce reliable income no one will outlive. The plan is reviewed and adjusted continuously. Thanks to this strategy, Money Managers’ clients had reserves they could draw on in the aftermath of the market crash in 2008 without having to reduce their quality of life or return to work.

“In addition to financial matters, we also help people navigate through the many emotional and psychological changes,” explains Coutu. “We have a passion for helping people plan for life, not just retirement.”

Money Managers Advisory is an investment planning firm located in Oak Brook, IL. Nancy Coutu and John Gajkowski offer a wide array of financial services throughout the Chicago area which include:
Investment Planning
Retirement Planning
Income Planning
Wealth Accumulation
IRA/401(K) Rollovers
Long Term Care
Estate Planning
IRA Legacy Planning
Tax Planning
Asset Protection
Life Insurance
Charitable Giving

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