S Naren on Finding the Right Stocks to Own | Investor Hour

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Sankaran Naren has seen it all…right from the heady IPOs of the 1970s.

Along the way he has learnt from his mistakes and combined that with teachings of gurus like Warren Buffett and Howard Marks to evolve his own unique approach to stock picking.

He even has an acronym for it – TED. In our conversation we talk about Naren’s focus on buying what is “bombed out” and exiting what’s loved a lot…and how it has worked wonders.

Finally, we talk about Naren’s investment case for India.

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  1. Mercedes buyer do not ask how much average it gives. Different asset classes have different reason to buy and safety factor. So asset allocation is important.

  2. The right strategy is that if I invest in a company it must return to me. Either give me good dividend or grow in price. My money is not free. Better I will park with Gov of India schemes. In all market condition I need return to buy my bread. Only such combination of stock are suitable for me. I listen to Mr Naren but he sells the idea and catch the investors. One year back it was credit risk fund and now debt fund investment idea after the Sept rate hike. People get attracted listening to him and performance may not be upto mark. True marketing.

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