Steps to Financial Freedom (Financial Independence)

Financial independence can be attained with some effort. It’s probable that years of commitment went into getting there. But how can you tell for sure whether you’ve achieved financial independence? When is the last day of work? When your net worth doesn’t significantly suffer from your ability to travel the world or buy even the priciest items? Financial independence can mean different things to different people, just like the words affluent and wealthy can have multiple connotations. One way to reduce confusion is to divide the statement into more manageable, shorter words. There are eight tiers of financial independence or freedom. To help you distinguish between where you are right now and where you want to go, you can use these steps to financial freedom as a guide.

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DISCLAIMER: I do not claim to be a financial advisor. These videos are just meant to be informative. There is no official financial guidance provided. Please consult a professional before making any financial or investing decisions. Your investments are entirely your responsibility; I’m just sharing my own ideas here with no assurance of profit or loss.


  1. I feel so lucky to get this video in my recommendations 😂😅 I think that this video was made for me as I wanted to get financially independent , I am studying engineering , I'm 17 years of age and I have a stable financial support too 🤩🤩

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