Tanzania Securities Limited: Securities Brokerage, Wealth Management and Corporate Finance Advisory

Maro Kohi, CEO of Tanzania Securities Limited, gives an overview of the company’s three key business lines: securities brokerage, wealth management, and corporate finance advisory.

“We are basically a financial services firm that offers diversified investment services and products. Our focus is financial institutions, corporations, and individuals. We have not started targeting governments or government agencies yet, but that is something that we are looking to tap into in the near future. We offer our services and products through three key business lines. One is the wealth management. Our core service there is portfolio management services where we are helping our customers with investment management and we have separately managed accounts as a product We currently have around 52 billion Tanzania shillings in terms of assets under management. This is a service that started back in 2007 and it has experienced exponential growth. The second division is the corporate finance advisory where we do transaction advisory, in particular, when it comes to capital raising services. We help corporations of different sizes to raise equity or debt in public markets. We have not really tapped into private capital markets but it is something that we are looking to explore in the short to medium term. Over the years, we have really helped aviation companies, financial institutions like banks, manufacturing companies. We were the first company to be issued a securities brokerage license in Tanzania. Our third line of business is the securities trading or what we call global markets. It is something that we like to communicate to our clients. The first company to be listed in the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange was Tanzania Oxygen Limited which is now TOL Gases. We feel that we have really been pioneers of the capital markets in Tanzania. To wrap up, with have three key business lines: securities brokerage, wealth management, and corporate finance advisory”, says Maro Kohi.