The European Energy CRISIS (Winter Is Coming)

The European energy crisis has begun.

As Europe gets closer to the cold winter months, its energy prices remain sky-high.

In this video we will focus on a few countries that are affected by this energy crisis, and how it got to this point.

Natural gas supply from Russia to Germany has been slashed by 80% for 4 weeks, with prices increasing by over 10x in 1 year!

The war going on in Ukraine exacerbated this problem, but this has been an ongoing issue even before the war started, going back to 2021.

46% of Germany’s energy mix is comprised of renewable resources, however, they are still heavily dependent on Russian gas.

Unfriendly regulations towards fossil fuels, despite having a heavy reliance upon them, have caused Germany and other countries within the EU energy dependent on foreign imports.

Watch until the end of the video for my thoughts!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰:
0:00 – Intro
0:33 – Germany Energy Prices Increasing
2:51 – Germany’s Anti-Nuclear Campaign
4:25 – The European Energy Crisis
6:48 – How to Position Yourself
8:23 – My Thoughts


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  1. I challenge anyone to run the numbers on renewables. What you will find, after actually doing the math, is that renewables physically cannot be the primary answer to ANY successful energy policy. The only way to get away from fossil fuels…which I think is based on nonsensical false narratives…is to embrace nuclear power as the source for base load. There is certainly room in the marketplace for renewables; however, the current path the Western World seems to have chosen will lead to severe economic disturbance and social strife.

  2. watching from UK. Must say the politicians here are useless, same in EU. Instead of advocating for peace and negotiations in a globalised, modern society, they send more weapons to prolong the war. Imagine what will happened if China takes on Taiwan! WW3? People should wake up before its to late. Thanks for you excellent analysis.

  3. There is NO Futuristic society without Nuclear. If teh woke activists where actually intelligent and had degrees that matter they would know that if we can move energy from Nuclear Fission to Nuclear Fusion we will have 10 times the power output, with energy WITH ZERO WASTE (waste being Radiation). If the Green funding was diverted we could have several Fusion reactors by 2030. However we all live in CandyLand so people will starve this winter. Don't forget the names of the people that caused this.

  4. Maybe eu citizens are ready for riots. Let's go a little bit aggressive, eu need to change their leader, who loves usa than their own citizens. Let's go riots. Buy a gun, because soon, everybody feel angry when everything is expensive,

  5. The entire "energy crisis" is a big oligopoly scheme by the energy sector. Take my home country for example. We're a net exporter of energy, actually the largest exporter of energy in the entire EU. We get less than 1% of our energy from fossil fuels. From those fossil fuels we get more or less 0% from gas. The gas price has increased by ~40% since this "crisis" started. Despite of this fact our energy prices in my home country, where we produce zero energy from gas and is a net exporter of energy = zero supply and demand problems, has risen about 500%. Why you might ask? Because in the EU, if one commodity in energy increase in price all other sources are allowed to increase their prices too because the energy price is weighted towards the most expensive type of energy. This means that energy produced by gas increases their price by a lot, this enables solar, wind, hydro, nuclear etc. to increase their prices as well even though they have gotten ZERO increase of cost of producing their energy. This shit should be investigated and the energy sectors CEO's and top EU politicians sitting on energy company boards should be prosecuted. An analogy to this would be to say: "the gold price just went up, therefore we will increase the price of steel by the same amount because it's also a metal", or "the price of wheat just increased, we will therefor increase the price of coffee because it's also a plant". It's an unbelievably stupid and corrupt system and it's 100% Germany's fault…

  6. The problem with nuclear energy is well look at what’s going on in Ukraine… power plants getting hit with the exchange fire between two combatants. Otherwise normally nuclear would seem the best option but how can they make power plants more resistant in situations like that? Make them underground?

  7. please keep the North Stream gas pipes closed. Don't invest in Russian economy/war industry by buying Russian gas. America: please provide EU with affordable gas / renewable energy technology. Europeans will reward you by investing in US economy.

  8. I don’t understand how the Euro gets weaker by it being less than the dollar? As an American that travels to Mexico a lot, you want the peso to go higher so you can buy more pesos. That means with less euros you can buy more dollar.

  9. Europe probably needs to rethink its position on nuclear energy. The world has probably overreacted to the dangers of NE, which in the has already proven counter productive to the objective of moving away from fossil fuels and pointed to the importance of having sufficient domestic energy supply and/or economic partnerships with energy rich stable democratic nations.

  10. The European countries are going to be wanting to keep warm; and take hot showers; and hot baths; and cook hot meals ; keep the lights on when it’s dark.
    What happened to the green energy projects in European countries?

  11. Great channel and very informative video. I was able to retire early and successfully by building a passive income stream, living frugally and investing. I've always said this to everyone that investing is the key to financial freedom

  12. Markoz, good overview, but the charts of energy prices – who is exposed? Those with contract fixed prices may not pay spot. Long term supply contracts include pricing terms –
    So what portion of buyers are exposed to apot prices?

  13. Nuclear is a great option but it takes a long time to construct a nuclear power plant. Fossil fuels are a finite resource and as such will run out at some point but they offer us the best bridge to a point in the future when a mix of renewables and nuclear can meet our energy needs. Trying to force the issue as the EU has done is foolishly short sighted.

    BE WELL.

  15. It's so terrible. Rates are rising, inflation is peaking. Pretty much everything is going south. Just coming from a post where they said stocks are also getting hit. There's no single good news on the net. So it begs the question, how and where are intending investors now supposed to put their money. Is there no safe bet for newbies any longer?

  16. We can do the would of, should of all day, but what really needs to be done is come up with a viable, sustainable plan. In the interim, Europe needs to find a way to totally replace Russia for their dependency of Natural Gas. Not sure how the US could help because we export most of our Natural gas via pipeline to Mexico and Canada. But, it's something they are going to have to figure out quickly. Whether you are in the US or Europe, I've never understood how our elected leaders as well as our business leaders would rely so heavily on a non-allied country for something you just can't go without. As much as many will not like it, most of the leaders in Europe and many of the folks here in the US hated President Trump and his policies and actions towards countries like China and Russia. It's too bad that they still can't see why he did it.

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