In my Live Q&A a few months back, someone asked the question on what is the difference between advisory and consulting. I thought at the time I answered it well, but what better way than to actually make a dedicated video on this? I remember I was just as confused when I was a college student getting into consulting.

This is usually a question most people ask when looking into the Big 4. They are usually used interchangeably, so sometimes they are one and the same, but OTHER times, they are COMPLETELY different. I give you all the details and juice after I sat down with my friend to ask her some questions about the advisory practice in Big 4.

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0:00 Intro
2:13 So what is advisory
3:40 How is staffing different?
4:06 Travel?
5:18 So tell me the worst!
6:03 Final Advice
7:11 Closing (and Fishbowl Deep Dive!)

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