Webinar: Post-pandemic: Financial Advisory & Support for SME FIs and Fintech firms

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to create uncertainty, many SME financial institutions (“FIs”) and fintech companies are under stress about financial sustainability. On 8th April 2020, MAS announced a $125 Million support package to help the local financial services industry and Fintech firms to boost and recover their business.

Swingvy is proud to present its first #TechTalkConnect Webinar series together with co-organiser Singapore Fintech Association to discuss on Post-pandemic: Financial Advisory & Support for
SME FIs and Fintech firms.

The free webinar is designed to provide an overview for SME FIs (financial institutions) and Fintech firms to access to financial support and advisory from our notable speakers:
– Jin Choeh, Co-founder & CEO of Swingvy
– Branson Lee, SFA EXCO Member & CEO of ECXX
– Jeyaraman Parasuraman, AFA(S) EXCO President & CEO Jpara Solutions Pte Ltd
– Vin Tan, Founder of Fintech Alliance


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