'West didn't supply weapons to India but to Pakistan dictators': Foreign minister S. Jaishankar

At a joint press conference with Australia Finance Minister Penny Wong, External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar said western countries did not provide weapons to India but to Pakistani military dictators for years. Jaishankar defended the use of Russian arms and took a jibe at western nations for choosing dictators as preferred partners.
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  1. He is terrible buying oil and gas from Russia can result in western sanctions Dropping india in Poverty,when most members of the UN are working as one to stop Russia Killing civilians,and India and China are single handedly funding the war in Ukraine.

  2. I have huge respect for the Australian education system and the support they provide to their athletes..
    They excel in every sport ..
    it's not that they are just in cricket are the giants.
    be it the football,olympics, or any sport
    they have the attitude of champions and excel 👌🏻👌🏻
    great initiative to bring that stuff into our curriculum

  3. Hey INDIA, that what the "WEST" doe… they set up hors for wars! They set up Pakistan … they are your brothers…! Dont fall for the mentally ill war hor addicts of especially the USA… so they can profit… through the Defense Industrial Base

  4. That’s the stupidest rationality ever for supporting an imperialistic invasion. Whatever happen in the past between the “West” and India does not justify supporting what Putin is doing. Putin’s imperialistic goals are simple; he wants the Ukrainian Black Sea ports for his navy, their fertile land, and their natural resources (oil and gas). Putin plan is simple; continue bombing cities towns, and infrastructure until the Ukrainian’s surrender. If success requires destroying apartments, parks, shopping centers, he will continue to do it. If he leaves Ukraine in ruins and kills thousands of people to get what he wants he will do it with no regrets.

  5. After hearing this, Sikhs should give their allegiance to one and one only their guru. These people will never help the Sikhs despite the Sikhs always helping India. When/if India goes to war the Sikhs should now step back and watch. I believe their is enough understanding unless disrupted by invisible powers between the Pakistanis and the Sikhs whom now can see the clear enemy. Khalistan was what the British aspired and all democratic countries aspired to be. Its like when they stripped India of its schools and opened universities in their own countries. same they ruined India's democracy started their own and reinstated it. Sikhs have always been democratic, LET IT BE MADE CLEAR. their is no Sikh extremists just ordinary people fighting against oppression. As recent times anyone can be called an extremist. just open your mouth in England and you could now potentially be tagged around the ankle or locked up. India will not allow Sikhs to have their own state as without the Sikhs they are helpless with no army. AND to put the record straight with you Jai and your so called colleague Hardeep Singh puri (sell out) the Sikhs were not created to defend the Hindus despite what he says, we just helped from them becoming extinct. off course now that your still alive both of you you got the nerve to talk nonsense. I hope when the crunch comes and your dropping ordnance on people to encourage them into revengeful fighting the Sikhs and the Pakistanis now stand back and watch. Never trust india. Never thought i would say this but they are all backstabbers of another order. they would sell their own mother for fifty pence, and history shows it.

  6. Western Countries will never come to your or our aid they will make sure that we all fight each other western countries means America ….this country is treacherous

  7. He's very smart and intelligent. The only distracting thing about FM Jaishankar is his tendency to say "er…." " er…" in between his sentences. If he can deliver his speeches without the "er… er… er", he would be amazing!!

  8. For sure the US and EU will tag India as "dictatory nation" that needs "regime change" after this. This is why I don't trust western people, doesn't matter if they're white, black, brown, yellow in color. As long as they're western people that's a red flag.

  9. This is how dumb India is he says we think it can have a impact on food and its not our war etc etc jet India is the biggest funder of Russian aggression in Ukraine, and this is also helping Russia to steal Ukraine's grain.

  10. wait wait…US and UK tried really hard to sell its defense equipments to India in the late 60s and early 70s. It was India that refused it and went on with its idiotic purchases of Soviet equipments. The equipments that India was offered was the same ones that Israel was offered.

  11. What an idiot , its time to remove poverty and filth from ur own country rather than talking shit about other countries ….

    Another idiot from the nation of idiots 👎👎👎

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