What 2020 Has Taught Financial Advisory Firms About Change

If you’re a financial advisory firm, then like many others in 2020, your business was forced into unexpected and possibly uncomfortable change.

In 2020 we were forced to make changes, to get uncomfortable, and it expedited our dependency on technology. We saw firms expedite timetables on the implementation of new tools such as portals and electronic statements that may have been delayed because it wasn’t perfected yet.

Also, we were forced to use video conferencing. There was a belief on both the advisor and client side that this wasn’t personable, but the pandemic forced us to try and we saw that things were actually fine.

All of this rapid change is reshaping the way we think about business whether it’s our work at office or at-home schedule.

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Matt Reiner is an author, CEO and co-founder of financial technology firm Benjamin, and a Managing Partner at Capital Investment Advisors in Sandy Springs, Georgia. He hosts the Bridging the Gap podcast and Roundtables.

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